If you want more from a car club than a magazine or a web Forum, read on:

e3storage, llc. was formed to give motoring enthusiasts a place to keep their toys, work on their toys, and get together with other like-minded enthusiasts and talk about cars, motorcycles, racing, restoration, or anything related to the hobby.

We found that we had numerous friends who were storing their weekend cars in self-storage lockers without climate control and without a place to work on their hobby. We had friends with their daily driver out in the weather to keep their prized collector car in the garage. We had race trailers stored in driveways, cul-de-sacs or neighbors’ yards.

At ‘e3’ our members are involved in numerous local car clubs, track days, sports car racing, custom cars, collector cars, motorcycles, weekend restorations, or are just car enthusiasts looking for a place to hang out, access work space, and socialize with others with similar interests.

‘e3’ was formed to bring these interests together in a club environment… with over 12,000 square feet of ultimate garage clubhouse.


Street Address Not Disclosed to the Public
Alpharetta, GA (near GA400)