Membership and Storage Options

Access Membership
All members pay the access membership, but you can be a member without paying to store a vehicle at e3. Access membership gets you 24/7/365 access to the facility, lifts, common tools, work areas, and the lounge. You can use the website to reserve lift time and bring your car to e3 to work on it or just come and hang out (and enjoy watching other members work!).
As for equipment, everyone has their own hand tools (members often share them if you need something in particular). In the e3 pool of tools, we have air compressor, scissor lift, 2-, and 4-post lifts, engine hoist, oil drain, jack stands, trans jacks, hydraulic press, drill press. We add tools frequently based on demand or projects we are working on….

Indoor Storage Options
Angle storage spaces are available and allow room to park a single car with room in front to keep some tools and parts. Additional tool storage spaces are available to keep tools and parts at e3 for your ongoing project.
Garages are rectangular semi-enclosed spaces approximately 10′ x 20′. These have side walls to separate them from neighboring spaces. (No ceilings or garage doors since all of e3 is sprinkled and a roof would create an issue!).
Work is not allowed in the angle spaces for the safety of neighboring cars – the vehicle can be moved to one of 3 work areas. Work is allowed within the garages.

Outdoor Storage Options
Outdoor standard trailer parking is available for open or enclosed trailers, and RV or tow vehicle storage. Limited outdoor ‘daily driver’ storage is available.

Contact us with your specific needs and we will work up a quote and let you know what space(s) are available and when!